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Lyrebird _ Katoomba


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Heard the scratching in the undergrowth and finally saw it – a lyrebird. Many shots later (wrong lens and handheld at 1/10th sec.) I had two reasonable images.

The lyrebird displays it’s tail feathers like a peacock (not the brilliant colours) but I had to be content with a blurry capture of them and no display.

Tree Fern – Blue Mountains National Park


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I’ve journeyed down south more to Sydney and now west into the Blue Mountains bordering, or as the early settlers found, containing the Sydney Basin. It took years before a route was found across them, which is still the main route over the mountains to the Western Plains beyond.

I was in Katoomba for the second Masterclass of the year with Len Metcalf as instructor and nine other photographers keen to improve their knowledge and skills.

The wet gully of Katoomba Falls has magnifient tree ferns growing beside the path down to the falls themselves.


Moving On to Scotts Head


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This blog will be finishing at the end of April and I hope that you will all come over to my new Blog. A new site but continuing with the same content as this one.

A long few days drive south with very little time to stop for photography and to Scotts Head on the North Coast of NSW. Another beautiful beach and no midges! More shots of Flair enjoying the beach.

Finch Hatton Showground


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This Blog will be finishing at the end of April. This is a link to my new one and I would love it if all my friends and followers would come and continue to follow me there.

Finch Hatton showground is the closest caravan site to Eumundi as the winding road up the steep hill is not suitable for long vehicles. These are a few images taken while walking Flair and exploring around the showground.