I’m sitting here with no access to my photos so no Blog post, sorry. I thought I was being very clever and backing up my photos before leaving on a trip but somehow I’ve managed to confuse Lightroom and can no longer find where my photos are and no idea where to even begin to look for them ūüė¶

Until I can find ALL my photos there will be no blog, this couldn’t have come at a worse time as I leave for a photo trip tomorrow and am trying to pack up my house to move. It’s all too much and I just want to throw my hands in the air and cry ūüė¶

No time before I leave for NZ¬†to get any help¬†but maybe someone on the trip will be able to help. Here’s hoping!


First Friday, Change & Challenge – September 2017


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Finally sold the remaining property with the house on and am moving early Oct. to my new home and life. Yahoo!!!!!!!

The Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse Mountains

It’s nearly 2 years since I put my property on the market and started this First Friday Post to follow the up and downs and challenges of selling and moving to begin a new lifestyle. I never imagined it would take so long but then again maybe I wasn’t really ready to move before now!

A month before I sold I took the plunge and bought a Villa in a Retirement Village at Maleny, Queensland¬†(the same one I helped my friend move to about 18 months ago never dreaming for one minute I’d be moving there myself). I’d been steadily dropping the price on my property and was nearly at the lowest I would reasonably accept. Anyway, got an offer and the rest is history.

The Glasshouse Mts. photo was taken from Maleny which is high above the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane.

My new home, in Maleny.

My new home, in Maleny.

A very different lifestyle for both Flair and myself. I’m having the brown wooden slats extended to make a bigger yard (it’s all relative, nothing like back at Purgatory Creek) for Flair so she can get outside.¬†The Villa¬†is quite big and very light and airy, three if my main requirement for living. This side area we are looking at is the kitchen and study, where the brown slats are is a patio with big sliding doors leading into two rooms and more large windows in the living area.

I’ve now started packing, generally a fairly thankless task but I’m just so thankful I’ve sold and can move I’m not finding it onerous at all. A new life awaits and after living for 15 years in the bush on my own (not quite as a hermit but close), it will be interesting to see how I cope with neighbours close by and a whole social scene to belong to if I want.

But before I move I have a wonderful trip to the South Island of New Zealand lined up and the dogsitter will come for the last time to mind Flair at Purgatory Creek. Then off to a new life with all it’s challenges. So come back next month on the First Friday and see what is now happening in my life. After that I will probably not have a First Friday any more as the purpose for which it was intended¬†will be¬†finished.