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Change Coming

Change Coming

I am changing the first Friday of each month to become a repository of my thoughts and actions over the previous month and my personal view to the future. Sort of like a Journal, but a journal for the changes I plan to make in my life and the challenges I face in doing this.

Twenty years on my own (after 26 years marriage), four house moves and still no reduction in the “stuff” I have acquired, in fact it has grown. It is time to do some serious re-thinking.

As I approach 70 the “stuff” is weighing me down and anchoring me in place. There are things I want to see and experience and places I want to go before that final curtain.

A Bit of Movement is in Order

A Bit of Movement is in Order

A few things have prompted me into action –

  • the cold hard fact that I can no longer manage/maintain my square mile of Australia (640acres) as I would like
  • the certainty of another ankle operation in the near future
  • that I need to move closer to a city and downsize
  • that my love and passion for quilting has past (after 40 years)
  • that photography and travel are twin passions that I have always engaged with, and they both excite me still
  • discovering ‘The Minimalists Blog’

  By reading ‘The Minimalists Blog’ I now have a positive way of reducing my “stuff”; I don’t think I can or want to reduce as far as these ‘boys’  (hey they are half my age), but by consciously removing the ‘sentimental attachment’ or the ‘ I might need it later syndrome’, I can reduce my “stuff” enormously.

Do come back on the first Friday next month and see how I’m going and how my thoughts are shaping up for this next step in my life.

Any helpful comments are welcome.