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Some Books

Some Books

A whole month has gone by and I’m no clearer on the end point of this ‘Change and Challenge’ but I have made progress! These are some of the bookshelves after a first culling. Still a long way to go there but it’s started; and the magazines really need looking at and the collection of teapots…….

As you may recall last month I decided to make dramatic changes in my life, first and foremost getting rid of ‘stuff’, the accumulation of a lifetime of bit and pieces. If you want to see why I’m making these changes go here  http://wp.me/p31l9C-P5  for my first post.

I have been busy ‘doing’ this month – pulling fabric out of cupboards, measuring, pricing, photographing and putting on the web for sale. All very time consuming, so not much thinking this month about the bigger reasons behind all the movement – the Challenge! But I have found that the more I ask myself why I have kept this or that and what attachment I have for it, the easier it becomes to rationalise getting rid of it. Particularly if I can give it to charity or sell to someone else.

And I have discovered a big factor in keeping a lot of this stuff is – guilt! That’s right, GUILT.

Having bought it and paid good money for it I have felt I should use it or keep it to be used – waste not, want not! But if I lived 100 more years I would never use a fraction of it. and often don’t like whatever ‘it’ is anymore.  So the waste was in the purchase in the first place. I can already see that being rid of these things gives me space (mainly in my head) for thinking about the things I want to do now, which is entirely different to what I wanted to do and have 20 or 40 years ago.

I hope in the next month to do more thinking at a deeper level about the challenges coming up with all the changes I plan to make in my life.

Do come back on the first Friday next month and see how I’m going and how my thoughts are shaping up for this next step in my life.

Any helpful comments are welcome.