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The Basic Bones

The Basic Bones – Trees

The process of de-stuffing my place is proceeding, albeit very slowly. This involves getting rid of anything that I consider not useful or beautiful, or preferably both. I have kept things for years – one example, I’ve always taken many photos and still have all the negatives from my film days; good or bad. The assumption being that I might need one at some future time. But the reality is, how often do we go back to look at our family snapshots, re-read that great book, remind ourselves of that great quote we kept a copy of, or use the good china that we never liked but was a present from “aunt so-and-so” or “granny someone”. We move on and new things claim our attention, new ideas spark our imagination and new people stir our emotions, so we change and move forward ourselves in different directions and grow in different ways. A lot of the things we have kept are no longer essential or necessary in our lifestyle of today.

My mind is processing the move from my property but still I am unsure of the area I’ll move to – lots of googling real estate agents and areas. The coast or country? certainly not the city. I’ve lived in the bush for too long to enjoy the closeness of suburban city living again; and space, quiet and warm weather are prime requirements for me personally.

Come back next month on the first Friday and see what changes and thoughts have occurred and where this journey is taking me. I welcome any comments or thoughts on this stage of my life.