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Meg of Move The Chair kindly asked me to join in a Visual Blog Hop. So instead of my normal Magic Monday I tried to clarify what I do with my photography and why I do it by answering the four questions of the Blog Hop –

1. What am I working on?

Most of my work involves nature in some form or another, very rarely people. I love landscapes, macro and movement photography. These last two can be very abstract and beautiful in their own way. I have a few series I am continually adding to. Beauty Lingers – a series on flowers that are past their first bloom and the beauty and colour that remains in their dried forms. Ever Changing Sky – a series taken from the verandah of my hilltop home where the sky is a large part of the view.

Beauty Lingers - Rose

Beauty Lingers – Rose

 I am learning more about textures, layers and combining shots to create a different type of photo and I’d like to do more of this work.

Most things I shoot, I tend to come back to and shoot again and again over the years.

2. How does my work differ from others of its gendre?

I take photos of what is around me where ever I am and in that, I am a generalist. I’m not sure that I differ much from other photographers as I want to continually experiment and play with what I shoot.  I like the effects of fog, mist, rain and blur on an image. I try to capture the essence of what I see through these.

Dam Reflections

Dam Reflections

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I’ve always had a camera, always taken heaps too many photos and always loved looking at photos. My job was teaching patchwork/quilting internationally for 30 years but the camera was always there. Now I’ve retired, the camera allows me to see the things I haven’t seen and feel the things I may otherwise miss. It allows me to capture a moment forever and share it with others. I cannot paint but I can express my thoughts and feelings through my use of image and processing. The results are also very much quicker than making quilts 🙂


Red Trails

Red Trails

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

I love beauty. I often go out with an idea in mind and take many shots with only small variations of the same thing and then get easily side tracked. My shooting is controlled by the weather and the light.

I take the shot, hopefully sharp, well composed, something I love and use Lightroom to bring out the best of the image.

But sometimes one of the above is lacking and if I like the shot enough I feel compelled to create something more from those images in Photoshop with textures and layers.

The ability to crop close with digital technology allows me to align my images more closely with what I envisioned. I like to keep things interesting and evolving.

Blue Wattle

Blue Wattle