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The change and challenge continues, see here for my reasons in my very first post of Change and Challenge.



Light, space, beauty and warmth are the abstract things I keep coming back to that are really important to me. Light as in colour – clear and bright or deep and moody. Not grey and dull. Light that changes how we see the world around us. Space as in openness, freedom and large spaces like beaches, deserts or mountains or even large rooms in buildings. Beauty as in nature or ideas. Warmth as in temperature for living. The cold is fine for visiting but sub-tropical warmth is where I function best.

These are the things I need to keep in mind when I move from my property. I have looked at a few places in the last month to see if I think I could live there. I do have a problem with wall to wall people 🙂 I think I could become a hermit but know as I get older I will need to be closer to help (people and services) if I need them. Not a happy thought, just pragmatic. After 11 years in the bush the coast is calling, along with all the other baby boomers it seems in Australia.

The filing cabinets (all 12 drawers total) are empting slowly. I’m one of those people who has to check each page to make sure I’m not throwing away something significant. Then I discovered a whole row of authors books on the bookshelves I hadn’t read – the ones behind the first row. Did you know that on most bookshelves you can get 2 rows of paperback books per shelf? That has slowed down the effort to clear books as I now have to read and make sure I’m not missing a brilliant author’s series before I give them away.

I’ve done some hard thinking in the past month. The ankle/foot has made walking difficult at times. In this month, September, I see two foot specialists and then will have an idea of what will happen next. This is colouring pretty much all that I do at present.

I welcome any positive comments on my journey thus far and hope you’ll come back on the First Friday next month for an update on where I’m going and where I’m at.