Week 1 - saturated

Week 1 – saturated

A break from all the Turkey and Morocco photos and starting a new challenge “One Four Challenge” created by Robyn G. at Captivate Me Blog. One photo for the month, processed four different ways, one per week. Should be an interesting and challenging challenge 🙂

I’ve chosen a landscape image from Turkey (who said I was giving you a break ).

All processing done in Lightroom. Highlights to -100 then a bit of clarity and a lot of vibrance. The rest of the processing was done with the graduated filter tool using it numerous times with it’s colour eyedropper to make the blues in the sky and the mountains bluer, much bluer, and the foreground golds brighter. This hopefully emphasises the near complimentary colours and gives greater depth to the mountains. Love to hear your thoughts on this my first try.