This is the second week in the One Four Challenge for December organised by Robyn of Captivate Me.

Week 2 Dec -Filters

Week 2 Dec -Filters

I’ve used the same image as last week but cropped heavily to remove the foreground and power lines and emphasise the rugged peaks.

I wanted to make more of the outlines so over to Photoshop filters. ‘find edges’ gave me the basic linework but I wanted to do more. On a duplicate layer I used another filter ‘trace contour’ which gave a speckled effect when I pushed the slider fully to the right. I wanted the edges to be more defined so went back to the original layer and did ‘find edges’ three more times which added more depth to the colours and increased the speckling making the whole image very dark but gave me the more defined lines I was wanting.

I tried all the blending modes on the original layer to try and lighten the image up and finally found that ‘divide’ worked brilliantly at 100% opacity lightening the whole scene while still having very defined outlines. I also liked how the clouds are a stronger part of the whole image here.

I’m pretty happy with the outcome but had no idea where I was heading in the beginning except I wanted to get some line work on the ridges. I feel it’s sort of like Pointalism but maybe I’m having myself on 🙂 I welcome any comments as it’s great to have feedback.