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The first Friday of a brand new year, 2015!

I wonder what the year will bring? Six months ago when I started my First Friday – Change and Challenge posts I was full of the new changes I was going to make in my life and the challenges they would bring. Now the reality has come with the actual selling price being set and my property finally on the market for a lot less than I had hoped for and a lot less than I have spent. The city prices in Australia may have risen significantly but rural/country prices have fallen and are still falling 😦

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds

But as they say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ so I’ll stay positive and wait for mine.

Some things that are going well –

*my ankle continues to feel good without the terrible pains I had mid year and I’ve decided not to go ahead with an ankle fusion in the foreseeable future

*I continue to remove ‘stuff’ from my life, 3 out of 10 bookcases totally empty and much more whittled down

*the garden and immediate couple of acres around the house are pulling back into shape quite quickly after being away

Australia just about stops for all of January – traditional holiday time for most trades people and nothing gets done, so I’ve given myself until the end of February to have everything out of the house (dumped, sold or given away) that I am not taking with me when I move. These are the so called ‘golden years’ of my life and I intend to live each moment fully with simplicity, joy and awareness where ever I may be.

Golden Days

Golden Days

Come back on the first Friday of next month to find out what has happened and where my life is at in this new year of 2015 and whether the property has sold!