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First One Four Challenge post of the new year. Go to Robyn’s Blog post OneFourChallenge to find out about this great challenge that has us choosing one photo and editing it 4 different ways, once a week for the month. To see everybody elses post for January type One Four Challenge in the Categories search box.

Window - Original

Window – Original

I decided to show my original photo at the beginning this month as I found it helpful when viewing other peoples’ posts to see what they had started with. This is the image straight from camera, just converted to jpg with no tweaks in Lightroom.

Radfield Plug-In 'Outline'

Radfield Plug-In ‘Outline’

Week 1 – I used a free Radfield Plug-In called Bias Relief (using ‘outline’) to make the lines of the image more important after my normal tweaking in the Basic menu of Lightroom (if needed) – blacks, whites, shadows, highlights and clarity. The Plug-In is very easy to use but doesn’t work in Lightroom or Photoshop CC only PS Elements which means taking the image physically to an older computer with that on and working there. It’s the only reason I keep PS Elements 10 now I have both Lightroom and Photoshop, it does beautiful things to the right images particularly flowers, which this isn’t 🙂 but I like the added texture and definition it gives to the window.

Love to hear your comments on my editing of the first week of January.