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Reflected through Water

Reflected through Water

OOps I nearly failed to post my First Friday Change and Challenge this month, only remembering right on bed time. So a quick post this month.

I was away for 3 out of the 4 weeks of February. One week spent in Sydney with my children and grandchildren and a day in Bowral with photography friends doing what we do best – photography! The other time away was on Lady Elliot Island organised by World Photo Adventures with guest photographer Freeman Paterson from Canada.

Freeman Paterson gave everyone a different word project mid-week, to produce 5 images in a day and a half. My word project was Reflections and I chose to reflect the colours of my jacket through a glass of water and loved the results. It was amazing the ideas that everyone came up with to illustrate their project.

From this island workshop/holiday(?) I learnt a few things or rather had them reinforced. That I love water, the ocean in particular and love the details of life, the smaller things. So I feel strongly that I must move to near the ocean.

I also moved much fabric this month. Finally found women who make quilts and other items for charities who were so happy to use the fabric I could give them in a beneficial and positive way for others. Six different groups with charities ranging from the local hospital and domestic violence to cancer patients and Days for Girls.

Now back down to earth and reality. Time to go through more old printed film photos/negatives and sort out more fabric to give away. Love to hear your thoughts and comments this month and come back on the first Friday next month to see what has happened and what I’m looking to do in the next month to cut back on all my accumulated stuff and prepare to move from my property.