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Track Through the Fog

Track Through the Fog

Another month has flown by and still no buyers for the property. I’ve ramped up the purging of stuff and although I didn’t get a ‘skip’ (commercial rubbish bin) I’ve been busy taking utefuls of old “should have been thrown out ages ago stuff” to the tip. A ute is an Australian term for a 4X4 with a tray back that can be open or have a canopy to enclose it, mine has a canopy which means I can pack the stuff in really tightly for the trips to the tip.

Although I’ve been giving, throwing and selling stuff for months now, I still seem to have heaps more to go through. Where did it all come from and the money I’ve spent over the years!!!!!!!  It’s quite frightening on both counts. Obviously give me the space and I’ll fill it 🙂

I’ve taken another step towards moving and changing my lifestyle, I’ve put a deposit on a new A’Van – one of those caravans with the A’line roof that tows like a box trailer. Will be ready by the end of May. My last one was the smallest there is at 6 foot x 8 foot internal measurements, this one is three foot longer as I now have a dog and on wet days, wet dog doesn’t fit too well in that sort of space. It has been an interesting process to discover that now I can no longer look after my property properly or walk and enjoy it’s beauty as much, I have got itchy feet again and long to be going places and travelling just for the sake of being on the journey. The last nearly 3 years have obviously thrown me in a loop of negativity about what to do, so much so that I couldn’t do anything. Now it’s good to be looking at the positives and what I still can do that I enjoy and have the dog with me.

So now a renewed critical look at ‘Stuff’, mainly all the patchwork fabrics and notions I accumulated over 30 years of freelance teaching around the world. In the past 2 months I have found 7 groups of quilters who make quilts for various charities and welcome the fabrics I have to offer. A big relief to know it is being used to help those who have fallen on hard times. Three of the 3 foot x 6 foot cupboards emptied, only 8 more to go, and that’s just the fabric! But it’s the mind change that is making the difference in how I see things.

Any constructive comments are welcome and do come back on the first Friday of next month to see what has been happening and where I’m heading in this challenging journey.