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Cable Beach Looking to Gantheaume Point

Cable Beach Looking to Gantheaume Point

Broome, North Western Australia. A jumping off place to The Kimberley Region, a vast rugged mainly uninhabited area of Australia except for the indigenious peoples who call it home and a few others who run huge cattle stations (ranches for the Americans who read my blog).

I’ve been here before, driving, camping and exploring this amazing area but this time I’m joining a photographic trip on a small boat/ship of 12 passengers to cruise the Kimberley coastline. Something I cannot do by myself 🙂 So tomorrow we depart for 10 days of coastal beauty and incredible photo opportunities and no internet. So I will not be posting for a while but then it will be of this amazing wild rugged place!

If you’ve heard of the Horizontal Waterfall or Mitchell Falls – that and a lot more is where I’m going. Yipee I’m SO looking forward to this trip!