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"Not Goin' Nowhere"

“Not Goin’ Nowhere”

It was in June 2014 that I started the First Friday – Change and Challenge posting to keep track of my thoughts, ideas and the way I wanted to change my life. See the first post here. A whole year has past, changes have been made, stuff has been given, thrown out or sold, with still more to be done BUT the property hasn’t sold and real estate in the country is at a standstill. So I’ve taken it off the market until August when I’ll try again with a different price tag.

Nothing much to report this month. I was away until the 17 May on a fantastic Kimberley Cruise organised by World Photo Adventures. I still don’t think I’ve properly come back from there yet. I’ve shuffled photos around and played with processing in Lightroom for this Blog but apart from that and a bit of work around the property no major decluttering or simplifying my lifestyle.

My Girl

My Girl

The main news is about Flair, my Kelpie dog, who hurt her paw 2 days ago, not sure what happened, think she chased a ‘roo through the fence. Anyway as is always the case when something happens, we were furthest away from home (about 1 km) and she had to learn pretty fast how to walk on 3 legs to get home. It’s swollen and sore though the vet yesterday said we’d leave it a few days and see if anti inflamitories and rest would start the mending process. Otherwise it’s X-rays to see if there’s a broken bone. It is hard with an animal to know what is for the best and she keeps coming to me to ‘fix it’ as I always ‘fix’ everything else. We could be lucky, she seems to be putting her foot to the ground more as of this evening, so I’ll see what the vet says tomorrow morning (Friday).

Looking ahead – I pick up the new caravan (A’Liner) sometime this month and will take it on a week or more’s shake down trip, I’m really looking forward to being on the road again. And more reducing of stuff and cleaning and tidying up around the property before it goes back on the market. I’m finding it hard to get stuck into things at present as the first really cold weather of winter has struck and I just want to hibernate. Cold weather and I don’t do very well together and the house is only heated by an open fire which I light at night and it has gone out by morning – brrrrr.

I have slowiy moving forward over the past year, but at present it feels like I’m stuck in quicksand 🙂 I welcome any comments or thoughts on my journey so far and hope you’ll come back on the first Friday of next month to see how I’ve fared.