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Home on the Hill

Home on the Hill

Another month rolls around again, I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record 🙂 A quick trip to Queensland to have a few teething problems fixed on The Little House, my new little caravan, and a couple of mornings photographing sunrises at 2 different beaches while I was away. Flair seems to have accepted the caravanning lifestyle very well and I am enjoying being on the road again with different horizons to home.

A bit more sorting out of stuff – yes it’s ongoing and I do need to get more serious about moving what I still have left. More furniture gone too!

During the month I had a week getting the property assessed by a different real estate agent and spent time taking more outside shots of the land and creek. I’m re-editing some I took back in Dec. as I’ve learnt so much more about processing since then and hope to have the property back on the market sometime in August.

Really enjoying just being – the weather is perfect, cold at night so I can have a log fire but beautiful mild days that make you want to be outside doing stuff.

I restarted my Photoshop Artistry Grunge course after purchasing the extension course AWAKE at the beginning of the month and seeing the inspiring work that Stacey (Blue Rose) has been posting. And she started after me! I’ve lots of catching up to do 😀   I’ve decided to post an art or play image every Tuesday incorporating the things I’m learning.

So things are moving forward, though slowly. Come back on the first Friday of next month to see where things are at in this particular time of change and challenge in my life as I sell up and move from my idyllic bush property in Australia.