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Yesterday on the Track

Yesterday on the Track

This is one of our deadly venomous snakes and a big one,Β the Red-Bellied Black Snake. I’ve seen 2 in the past 2 weeks, Flair is very good at pointing them out to me now that she knows it’s something to be wary of and not touch. The first one I freaked out thinking she was going to sniff it up really close, so all of the dog words I have for not touching, leaving it alone, stop and anything else I could think of came pouring out with a suitable warning voice. She got the idea πŸ™‚ Thankfully the Red-Bellied Black is more inclined to move away than attack (not like our truly nasty deadly Big Brown Snake which is likely to attack and would kill Flair in minutes).

I still didn’t like the way this one had it’s neck all flattened out, a sign it’s ready to attack though it’s not facing us. I think Flair must have disturbed it on the track and it’s now moving off and away from danger.