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This One's For Sale Too!

This One’s For Sale Too!

And here it is, the last month of another year, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since I decided to start this First Friday Post eighteen months ago!

This past month in particular, as I have been away most of the time doing the things I love. Namely photography and travel. The beginning of the month saw me finishing a week at Lamington NP where I decided it would be great to meet up again with a few of the people from this workshop at another one in a few weeks time. So quick phone calls to the dogsitter and that being OK I booked in to the Book workshop being held on the Sunshine Coast. I could do both of these easily as they are within a days drive from my home. Nearly two weeks at home between these two, then after the Book Workshop, 3 days home and off again. This time in The Little House (see my other blog Travels with a Red Dog for the low down on what that means) and a very round about trip to Sydney. As with all my travels, it’s when I take a different road to normal that I find the most unexpected, interesting and beautiful things.

This Road Went on Forever!

This Road Went on Forever!

In reality I have done nothing towards selling or moving or getting rid of stuff this past month, but I’ve had a wonderful time and shot some great images. Next month may be different 🙂 as it is the beginning of our holiday season in Australia and our summer. Put the two together and most people seem to be on the road for the next two months either on holiday or just driving and visiting. It’s a very social time for most people. After my visit to the family in Sydney this week I’ll spend most of the two months hibernating at home as I don’t like crowds or the madness that seems to overtake otherwise normal people around Xmas time.

I plan to reduce my stuff more and make photo books of the wonderful trips I’ve done in the past few years, that should keep me busy!

I hope you enjoy the holidays at this time of year, whatever your faith or belief. My hope is for peace and a bit of sanity in a world that seems at present to have lost direction.

I would love to hear your comments on this my journey and do come back next month on the First Friday to see what I’ve been doing and where I’m heading next.