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Teatrees By the Lake

Teatrees By the Lake

A week into a new course run by the same person I’m doing the Photoshop Artistry Course with and there is so much to learn. This is a short 4 week course that I’m doing concurrently with the other main course. It seems that a lot of my photos really were made for B&W I just didn’t realise it šŸ™‚ when I convert them to B&W a lot just seem to get better.

I grew up with B&W and until the late 80’sas still taking B&W as colour film was sooooo expensive. So hadn’t wanted to go back to it until now. This image is overlayed with a few textures of mine and used Difference Blend mode on the last one, liked the result so left it there. I’m using some new presets in LR then going into PS and using either Topaz Labs B&W or Nik Silver FEX Pro and sometimes both. Makes for interesting end results, some I like others I don’t but am always learning from them.