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Wild and Free - Is That Also Me?

Wild and Free – Is That Also Me?

A lot is happening in my life and yet again nothing much is moving forward. The property remains steadfastly on the market, though now the agent and I have put a price on one title which is land only (all fenced for cattle) hoping to sell that as a separate thing and then sell the portion with the house. Both are approx. 300 acres but I don’t want to sell the house title before selling the other land only title. Confusing? A bit!

My sister-in-law put her place (in Sydney) on the market early January and sold 3 weeks later (boo-hoo). Just shows the difference between the city and rural properties. Mine has been on the market over 18 months.

I’m enjoying my photography immensely at present. Engaged in a B&W Course with the Art Grunge group in January and learnt so much more and found I really like B&W. The last week of Jan. was spent on King Island with World Photo Adventures staying at King Island Holiday Village. What a fantastic place KI is and how wild and rugged and beautiful. Not for 5 star people (yet) but photo lovers and bird watchers and people who just love nature, it’s got it all.

I think I knew, but King Island confirmed it – I’d rather be out taking photos than sitting on a computer processing and playing around with them all day. Still love to play with them but have decided to make that an evening thing and get out into the wilds more each day.

More stuff moved out and given away – I can’t believe how much stuff I had/still have! And on into the second month of the year. A couple of big trips planned for this year which are requiring money and time spent planning. A bit difficult not knowing if I’ll still be here at the end of the year when I’m trying to book flights, so I’m holding off on some of the local to Sydney ones until later in the year.

Some planned adventures for February that I’ll talk about next month, so come back on the first Friday next month to see what has happened in my life and where I am on my journey and the big change to sell my property and move elsewhere.