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Blurred and in the fog

Blurred and in the fog

First Friday on 1st April – April Fools Day!

The tree is because I’m still in a fog about moving from my property, I’ve been here 13 years now and it’s time to move on. No one has been to view the place recently and although I know the price is way below replacement cost it doesn’t reflect what is happening in my area at the moment. It’s a dead market- even though cattle prices are way up, no-one is buying.

And having helped a friend move into her new home and seen how much ‘stuff’ she moved 900km., I’m feeling maybe, a little despondent? I have so much more ‘stuff’ than she and I’ve been gradually whittling it down over the last 20 months. So I’ve come home with renewed vigour to further reduce, use up or give away.

Another bookcase emptied and my wardrobe severely pruned. Still far too much stuff! The Minimalists suggest only keeping stuff that’s important to you, that you could grab in 30secs (say in a fire or flood) and don’t become attached to all the other stuff so you could leave it behind. Difficult to do – but as a sort of guiding principle it is helping me ask the hard questions on what I really NEED to enjoy life.

I was away 2 out of the 4 weeks in March enjoying travelling (and moving my friend) and photography. This last week of March is also my last week of an 8 week course I’ve been doing with Otto von Munchow ‘Finding Your Photographic Voice’. The last 4 weeks we’ve been concentrating on a personal project, I chose to focus on one of my dams (I have 4 on my property). The course has been thoroughly enjoyable and has clarified my thoughts on where I am heading with my photography and what I really like to shoot and how I can go deeper with that.

So although there is no interest in the property at the moment, I have still been very busy, April looks a little quieter for me at present 🙂  Come back next month on the first Friday to see what has happened and where I am heading on this part of the Challenge to sell up and change my life. Comments about this post are welcome.