Point of Focus - to sell!

Point of Focus – to sell!

It’s been quite a month! There has been absolutely no interest in the property since January so I bit the bullet and had my huge 8m square studio divided into 3 large rooms. On and off for three weeks I had carpenters, plasterers and painters doing their thing to make it all match in with the existing house. This will hopefully move the house into a different set of buyers – a 3 bedroom house compared to the one bedroom house that it was originally. I’m also going to list it with all the real estate agents in town to get a wider spread, that will hopefully happen this month.

The studio served me really well when I was teaching and creating patchwork quilts. I had the floor where I could lay out a 3m square quilt top to prepare it for quilting. Not many houses have that sort of space! Since I am no longer quilting (yes the fabric and threads are gradually going) I no longer need that huge space – hence the 3 rooms from one. Two bedrooms and one larger study/playroom/office.

As soon as the workmen finished I upended my round Parker dinning table into the trailer, tied it in, covered it with tarps as it looked like rain, and the next morning drove to Maleny where my friend is now living. Nearly 7 hours and a couple of rain showers later Flair and I arrived. Quickly moved the table into the new home with only a few water marks and settled in for a few days visit. It rained on and off the whole time!!! But as you do with friends, we talked, walked Flair when we could, ate, hung a few large pictures on the walls, went to a big woodworking Expo in the local showground and generally caught up with each others lives.

So although I’ve been home most of the month, nothing much has been culled from my life/possessions, with the workmen here all I did was move things from one place to another and cover them with sheets so the workmen could ‘work’. A hectic month coming up (May) with a trip to Sydney, a lot of photos to sort through for another book, and more learning from videos for the Photoshop Artistry Course and the AWAKE Course.

Any comments are appreciated and come back on the first Friday next month to see what I’ve been doing and where I’m heading in this journey I’m undertaking to Change and the Challenges I’m facing.