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My home amongst the gum trees, late afternoon.

My home amongst the gum trees, late afternoon.

Wow, another first Friday already. I nearly missed this one. I have a big trip coming up and have been busy organising everything for the house/dog sitter, plus working on getting my photos processed and creating more photo books of my recent trips. I’ve also had a trip to Sydney to see the kids and grandkids and been through the sheds pulling out things that I’ve kept ‘just in case’ but in reality will never use, particularly when I move from living on a property. When you live on property you have sheds or shedding not garages. Then all that had to be taken into town for the big annual Council clean-up.

The three new rooms are finally sorted out and more patchwork fabric given away. I’ve organised to take the large pieces and bolts of fabric to my old patchwork Group to sell for a nominal price in July, that will give me some petrol money at least 🙂 I finally feel like I’m making a dint in my stuff and that it’s possible to whittle things down further. The less material stuff I have the lighter I feel, and the more attainable is my vision of moving to a simpler lifestyle. I still need someone to buy the property 🙂

Although I have loved my time here, and still love the home I built and the property, today I’ve been getting in the firewood for when I’m away and found it difficult. More difficult than even last year. The chainsawing of the logs into lengths is OK but using the log-splitter to make firewood is very hard on my hands these days. Just need to pace myself on this job, and that’s not something I’m very good at.

It’s been a busy month with a fabulous trip coming up for nearly all of June, more on that next month. I welcome comments on this my journey to change where and how I live and the challenges I’m facing. Come back on the first Friday next month to see where I went on my trip, though if I can I’ll be posting images along the way so it won’t be a surprise by then.