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Life has been very busy since I did the last First Friday post back in June. Nearly a month in Mongolia with a photographic group in June saw me arrive home on the first Friday of July with too much else to sort out to even find head space for a post. This post just squeaks in before I leave on Monday for a big Alaska Adventure, photographic again.

Finding our way, in Mongolia. Flooded creeks, this one was too fast and deep to cross so entailed a 200km detour.

Finding our way, in Mongolia. Flooded creeks, this one was too fast and deep to cross so entailed a 200km detour.

I’m still finding my way back at home. A leaking pump and external storm shutter had to be fixed, things always need mending/fixing after a time away, but because at least because of the dry weather the grass hasn’t grown and I haven’t needed to mow. The property is still on the market, a few possible buyers came, went and didn’t buy. But then, the estate agents hadn’t updated the sales pitch until I got home and stirred things up a bit as I’ve altered the house from 1 bedroom into 3 which hopefully puts it into a larger selling market.

A quick trip to Sydney in the middle of the month to see kids and grandkids with the usual stop at a beach for a night to break the journey. Lots of roadworks on the Highway which slows the trip down a lot. New stretches opened up which bypass some of the smaller towns and when the rest of the new works are finished will make a faster trip, just not at present.

I’m enjoying living on the property knowing it might be my last winter here. Strange weather – mid 20C most days but single figures at night and then yesterday we had rain! Real solid soaking rain for the first time in months. And of course I want to mow before I leave on the next trip!

I’m still processing the Mongolian photos and won’t get them finished before I leave on this next trip. Mongolia was such a different place with very friendly and gracious people and I have been enjoying reliving my time there as I go through the photos.

Also a lot of thinking this month. Thinking about where I want to live next, thinking about my photography, thinking about life itself. And always enjoying my dog, Flair.

Any comments are welcome, but I may not get to post on the First Friday in September as I will still be in Alaska! Hoping to, may not be possible.