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Wow! What a wonderful past few months these have been. Six weeks in Alaska and I’m still coming down of the high!

A very small group of very keen photographers, only 8 of us, and a small boat to do the Inside Passage from Juneau, Alaska down to Port Hardy, British Columbia. A lot of places we went the big cruise ships just can’t get there. Then jet boats when land based in Wrangell, Alaska. The weather was kind to us with only a few days of rain but lots of moody mornings with fog/mist clearing to sunshine like in the shot above. I could rave on for ages 🙂 but it was lovely to come back to my dog, Flair.

Now back to my reality of trying to sell the house and property, nothing seems to be selling in the rural sector around where I live at present. Back to getting the vegetable garden organised for summer eating and keeping the rest of the place under control now the warm weather is here and everything is growing.

Off in The Little House (my caravan) with Flair for a quick trip to Queensland then down to Sydney to see family and slowly back home, I think I just want to keep travelling 🙂

Had a BIG “0” birthday while away and with more friends and aquaintences’ names showing up in the death notices of the paper, I finally have come to my senses that I have only limited time to do what I really want to do and that is travel and photograph with Flair. So instead of keeping some of my quilting stuff (just in case), and my other interests that I haven’t done for years (just in case), it’s all going! While I can I’ll travel and photograph and see places and meet people.

So that’s the plan. I welcome any comments of this my journey while I sell my property and come back next month to see what has happened since this post.