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Frozen - that's what has happened!

Frozen – that’s what has happened!

It’s as if the sale of my property is frozen in one place and it just won’t shift. A few enquiries but no follow up and I’m still trying to maintain it all, which get harder and harder as my ankle remains sore and stiff and now the opposite knee is telling me to slow down and go easy  😦

It’s been a mixed month, with a 12 day slow trip to Sydney (only 2 days there), staying in a couple of new caravan parks, well new to me anyway. One in Tenterfield on the New England Range and freezing cold overnight. The other at Scotts Head right on the beach. Flair and I liked this very much as it had all we love – beach, ocean, headlands, rock pools plus lots of off-leash areas for dogs. That’s the best part.

Then a funeral for a beloved brother-in-law, he’s found peace a last after a long illness. The most awesome handyman and a true ‘gentleman’ in the real sense of the word.

Robyn Grosby (Captivate Me Blog) had a brilliant challenge for Oct. to ‘see differently’, whatever that means to you and post 15 images before 31 Oct. I chose to ‘look up’ to take images for the month and found it fun and interesting. I normally look down so I don’t fall over, so had to actually stop walking to look up! This is my Gallery of the 15 images.

I also did an extension course to my AWAKE Creative Photoshop course called 21 Days to Creative Abundance and did it get me going! I’ve changed up my morning routine and taken up my back exercises after a 4 year break. I’m creating new stuff each day using my photos and Photoshop, some of which I like! I sorted, processed and posted ten of my images to our AWAKE group’s ArtBoja site, a site for displaying and selling our images. It’s not fully functional yet and only those in USA and Canada  will be able to sell through it at the start. (I’m an Aussie). If you’d like to take a look this is my page.

And now November is here and I have only 2.5GB to last me another 10days – no videos or big downloads or for that matter anything else much until my new monthly allowance arrives on 14th. It’s somewhat restrictive only having 25GB per month but that’s one of the only drawbacks living out here in the bush miles from anywhere. I have another trip planned for the end of November before the weather warms up too much.

Come back on the First Friday in December to see what has happened this month, and if the property has sold. Any comments are welcome on this my journal on selling my property, and to create a new life for Flair (my dog) and myself.