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My beautiful spring fed dam - now sold. It's on the other property that will be no longer mine by Xmas. Happy it's sold and glad I have the images of it.

My beautiful spring fed dam – now sold. It’s on the other property that will be no longer mine by Xmas. Happy it’s sold and glad I have the images of it.

SOLD – the vacant block (only 320acres) that surrounds my battle-axe block the house sits on. Not quite as much as I would have liked but isn’t that what everyone says? But it is SOLD!!!!!  Well the deposit has been put down and they want to settle before Xmas – so do I.

Now an adjustment of the price of the house block (another 300+ acres) and hopefully this will sell soon too. I can’t tell you how much relief it is to finally have one of the titles sold. The maintenance of that other block was getting to be expensive since I can no longer enjoy it and yet had to slash it every 4-6 months (fire hazard) and pay Council Rates plus repair any broken fences.

I had to laugh though, the enquiry for the sale came whilst I was out at Copeton Dam for 6 days. There is no internet reception out there unless you go up to the office and even then it is sporadic. Try talking to an estate agent and conveyancer and make sense of what was being said was not easy. Then I was on the road for the next 10 days in The Little House with Flair. We got it sorted, finally!

Really haven’t been able to settle since I got back from Alaska in mid Sept. so took off again mid Nov. for Copeton Dam south of Inverell, NSW. An isolated dam in beautiful bush country where you can camp with no facilities or have a powered site. I chose the power as it was going to get in the high 30C while I was there. Even though The Little House is small I do have an air conditioner. At my age I like my creature comforts and that is a major one for me while travelling. Sunrise and sunset across the dam waters is a favourite of mine. Flair loved barking at all the kangaroos and wallabies until by the sixth day she just didn’t bother! There were too many of them.

Then on to Sydney to see the kids and grandkids. I now stay out of Sydney at a caravan park right on the ocean at Toowoon Bay. It’s only an hours drive to Sydney and I can walk Flair on the beach before we leave for the day in Sydney and when we get back again. The best of everything. A couple of days there and then off again to Scotts Head which is fast becoming a favourite. Beautiful long beaches, craggy headlands, small village, lovely caravan park and out of holiday time relatively quiet.

We only arrived home again yesterday, and already life is filling up my days again. I welcome any comments on this my journey to change from a rural property to something else?? and the challenges it brings. One property sold, one to go! Come back on the first Friday next month (OMG it will be the new year!) and see what has happened and what we have been doing over the holiday period.