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Finally sold the other block of 340 acres, the locked chains on the gates came off the day before Xmas when we exchanged contracts. New locks were on before the day was out, but I haven’t sighted the owners yet! Maybe they came put their own locks on and left! It is such a relief not to have to keep maintaining this property. Now to hope the home block sells quickly.

Flair, my kelpie. One thing I'm not getting rid of in my effort to downsize and reduce stuff.

Flair, my kelpie. One thing I’m not getting rid of in my effort to downsize and reduce stuff.

December was  a very quiet month with me spending all of it at home. Caught up on various chores around the house and appointments in town. A very quiet Xmas Day and New Years Eve. I didn’t even stay up for the magical 12 midnight!

Spent most of my spare hour studying the various photoshop courses I am doing or have downloaded and playing with images in PS. Such fun and the hours just disappear.

January will disappear with a few short trips away planned and the finalizing of warm snow gear for a trip to Japan in February.

So not much to report this month but I welcome comments on this journey I am making to change my life and the challenges I meet along the way. Come back on the first Friday of next month to see what I’ve been up to and the challenges I have had in January, hoping there are not too many 🙂