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A bend in the road and hidden things.

A bend in the road and hidden things.

The first two weeks of March started out full of promise. Journeys were planned for throughout the year ahead, both in The Little House and Photography Tours, with the first one starting in the middle of March. I think I came home from Japan with the itch for more travel.

On 20 March I left for Maleny Q. and the beginning of a three week trip from there down to Sydney, Wagga Wagga and the South Coast of NSW. The very next day I had a gall bladder attack and ended up in hospital. Then 2 days later I was back in hospital to have it taken out. Thank goodness I was staying with a very good friend who minded Flair, my dog, and me until I was able to drive the 6 hour trip home again. That didn’t happen until today! I don’t bounce back the way I once did and I wouldn’t wish a gall bladder attack on my worst enemies.  A very sincere and big thank you to Sharon who just took it all in her stride and made me feel welcome until I could travel home again.

This rather large hiccup in my travel plans has made me re-think just what I should be doing and where I should be going at this stage of my life. So it’s back to re-assessing how to sell my house and the remaining 300 acres and recovering enough to be able to lift my suitcase and camera gear for the next trip this month to Melbourne and Fiji. The hospitalisation and recovery took many days out of this month and part of April which is why I haven’t been posting to this Blog lately. Hopefully I’ll get back into stride and posting daily from my recent Japan trip.

So do come back on the First Friday next month to see what I’ve been up to in April and where I’m heading on this journey of mine to change my life.