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A whirlwind of a month!

A whirlwind of a month!

The majority of the month was spent in Fiji, warm to hot weather, a cyclone forecast and a tropical island getaway. What more could you ask! A great road trip with work mates of my son (all photo nuts) around the main island Viti Levu on the first weekend. Slothed around at my son’s place (he lives in Suva), read and slept and caught up from the hectic days in Melbourne last month. And yes, he fed me, he’s a good cook!

Over to Leleuvia Island Resort for 4 nights, it’s a small island off the east coast of Viti Levu and a favourite with local Suva people for a weekend getaway. I had it nearly to myself as I went mid week and Cyclone Debbie was forecast to head that way, only I hadn’t heard about it. Never happened anyway so I had a fantastic island holiday taking happy snaps of whatever took my fancy. All very laid back and wonderful food. Seems like the 4 weeks I was away were all about eating and photography. A great way to live. But I did miss my little girl Flair towards the end of it all.

Back home and straight into the frenzy of tidying up around the property and house for an Open House – yikes, it’s tomorrow! “Open House” in our part of the world means the real estate agent advertises your house with a time anyone can come and have a look. It means you may get people who are interested but don’t want to make a specific appointment to go through the house with the agent or you just may get a lot of local stickybeaks. But you may get lucky and someone who comes just falls in love with the place and buys it. I’ve never done it before but figure I may as well try as I’m ready to move on and want to sell quickly.

Well it’s been 2 years now and I need to move, my ankle isn’t any better and maintaining the house is getting more difficult. I’ve enjoyed my time here and it is time to pass it on for the next person to enjoy

I welcome any comments on this my journey to change my life and the challenges it holds. Come back on the first Friday of next month and see if I did sell (I’m thinking positively) and what I’ve been doing during the month of June.