Sunrise of a brand new day.

Sunrise of a brand new day.

The month of June was spent keeping the house and yard in “inspection tidiness” for prospective buyers. I’ve ramped up the selling of my property by changing real estate agents, reducing the price and had a few ads. in the local paper and it’s also advertised on numerous websites. Still not much interest as my property will appeal to a very small market being off the grid and a bush block of approx. 300 acres. It seems 35 minutes drive to town puts people off as well.

I’m just waiting for the right person, I only need one  🙂  I’m also over keeping the place in ‘inspection tidiness’ as it’s not my normal way of living. So still a waiting game.

More and more possessions culled this month. I’m going back through things and reducing down again as I’ve decided that I want a much more uncluttered lifestyle when I move. I want space and the time to concentrate on my photography and not feel divided between other things. The local Op Shops love me!

We’ve had more rain this June than any other June in the 14 years I’ve been here and Purgatory Creek was in minor flood, so some lovely photos. The nights are cold but the days brilliant sunshine and warmth, well one day was miserable, grey, cold and wet but only one.

A whole month at home in June but July, well that’s another matter! So come back on the first Friday next month to see what has happened and where this move to simplify my life has got to and the challenges involved to move from my bush property.