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Things are brightening up.

Things are brightening up.

The above image taken very early morning in the paperbark swamp at SW Rocks sets the tone of what has been a fabulous month (July).

I’m cautiously optimistic that I have a buyer for my property! They still have to get their finance approved but we’ve agreed on a price and they are keen to move. Won’t know until next week after the building and pest inspections are done. Would be so good to finally move on with my life and start creating a new future.

This month has seen me travelling up and down the east coast of Australia with very little time at home. Flair and I spent the first week of July in Maleny, it’s sort of becoming a place to escape to, with my good friend living there now. Back home for three days then off again, this time with The Little House in tow. Flair stayed at home with the dog sitter and her two kelpies, it must be bedlam at times with the three of them! Dropped it off at the Horseshoe Bay Caravan Park in SW Rocks and the next day drove to Sydney.

Had a lovely catch up with the two families in Sydney (and grandkids), then drove back to SW Rocks on the Sunday ready for the start of the Abstract & Movement Workshop I have been posting about for the last couple of weeks. Run by Len Metcalf and Shirley Steel (both from the Blue Mts. west of Sydney) it was an in depth look at impressionism, in-camera movement, double exposures and abstraction. We went to a different place every morning and afternoon for our photo shoot and spent the rest of the day learning more from lectures and discussion, post processing and having 3 o4 shots a day printed for critique and discussion. Len cooked us a nourishing full lunch every day to keep us going until after dark and it did! Each day was the same format and the 10 of us (students) quickly learnt that actually seeing our photos in print gave so much more meaning to them and everyone could see each others shots of the same place but oh so different. A great workshop run by a great team.

I stayed on at SW Rocks for another 2 days after the workshop and went back to some of the places we shot at, finding that familiarity with a place helps in getting better shots.

Back home for an hour to drop off The Little House, then drove up to Maleny again for a few more days without Flair. Very restful not having to be up early for the dog or to photograph the dawn light! Home again on the last weekend in July and on Monday found out about the buyer for the property. Now I just wait. So come back on the first Friday next month to see if the buyers got their finance and what I’m going to do next. I welcome comments on this journey to move from a bush property and change my life with all the challenges that entails.