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Typical old Australian gum tree or eucalypt.

Typical old Australian gum tree or eucalypt.

I though I might try writing a bit more information on my travels after the glossy photos 🙂 This may become a regular thing or not, depending on what time I have.

This day was spent in a long 8 hours drive from Warialda near the Qld. border down The Fossickers Way through Barraba and Manilla to Gunnedah. At Manilla I took the shortcut across by Lake Keepit saving more than 50km than if I’d stayed on the main roads. On the Oxley Highway through Gunnedah heading west until a little roadhouse junction called Mullaley where I turned off and took a road I’d never been on before down through Tambar Springs and Coolar called the Black Stump Way.

Very little traffic and I just cruised along stopping to take photos when I could see a pulling over spot in enough time to actually stop! That’s the one thing I’m still not good at – seeing far enough ahead to stop where I want to take the photos. Some old almost none existent towns along the way, reminders of a slower pace and the smaller communities that thrived.