Mid 2014 Update:_

I have now upgraded to a full-frame camera, Canon 5D Mk III. So happy with it. Have also done the full Lightroom/Photoshop CC thing which is challenging to say the least. Still posting once a day on anything and everything around and on my property that Purgatory Creek flows through. But big changes are afoot and I write up on the first Friday of each month what is happening in my life and where I am with those changes and challenges.

Flair is still as beautiful as ever, see her photo below.

Update :-

I started this Blog in January 2013, now it is January 2014 and the year of my ‘Quilters’ Project 52′ has come to an end. I am continuing to post photos to the Blog because I enjoy the stimulation of having to come up with a reasonable photo each day

Me Up A Tree

Me Up A Tree

Living on 600 acres in the Australian bush with a bit of water called Purgatory Creek flowing through gives me many opportunities for photographing the  beauty of nature. My son-in-law talked me into starting this blog to let me share some of the photos I take around my home and on my travels.  Most of the time my kelpie, Flair, keeps me company.  Unfortunately she doesn’t always understand the patience needed to wait for the right light or the wind to stop to get the photo I want, but we get there in the end.

For 25+ years I was a freelance Quilting tutor, travelled widely both in Australia and overseas, wrote two books and took lots of photos. I retired 2 years ago. A Nikon D7000 is my new baby and a Casio Exlim point & shoot has been my companion for many years. Before that it was the good old film days with a Nikon SLR

Every Friday will be “A Quilters’ Project 52″ where I will post a photo and a small 18” quilt on the same theme (not necessarily a copy of each other) for a year. And if time and inclination combine, a quilt project on one of the themes that month. The rest of the week will be for posting a photo a day.

If you like my photos, please leave a comment or follow me as I post up some of my favourite images – I would love to hear from you!



40 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Lee, I’ve just signed up to follow your blog after following a link on Barbara Chainey’s blog. Your photographs are beautiful. Can I ask a silly question? Are the quilts made by you? ‘Water’ is stunning, can I ask how you made it, and how you quilted it?
    All the best,

    • leecleland said:

      Hi Kate, yes I make all the quilts, they are all about 18″ square so achieveable in a week. Water is a wholecloth, I drew the design on and quilted directionally to emphasise the design with variegated thread. Nothing fancy to the technique at all.

  2. Great to know another Australian is getting into digital art. Maybe we should get together for an exhibition. Tony

    • leecleland said:

      Thanks Tony, great idea. I need a bit more time to create a few more images as I’m only just starting to get into this digital art but becoming addicted. Keep tuned…….

      • I’m looking forward to seeing more, if this is how you start. I have found it is great fun, and very cathartic. Tony

  3. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work-and Flair is gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for the recent visit to (and follow of) my blog. It had the fortunate consequence of leading me here; you have a wonderful artistic eye. I look forward to perusing more of you work.

  5. Awesome images! Wonderful blog!

    Greg 🙂

  6. Lee, Do you have a camera club near where you live? I think the activities they provide would be a great resource for you in your quest to produce wonderful imagery. I’m not sure where Purgatory Creek is, but have no doubt the scenery most likely is very interesting. I’d like to see some of that, produced in a thoughtful way. Images of red bars, blue bars are not my idea of great pix! Hope you’ll take this in the spirit of good intentions. Your online friend, 😀

    • leecleland said:

      Janina, thank you for your comments. I actually got a good laugh out of this. Camera club is lethargic and not my idea of a good time, plus being half hour kangaroo drive away. The red and blue needed to be taken, maybe not shown, but I did.
      Interesting your use of the word ‘thoughtful’. I’ve been going through my photos of the last year and picking my favourites and asking why I like them. I’ve never done this before and is opening my eyes to possibilities I had never imaged and a different direction to the happy snaps of the many previous years. Still feeling my way but I do appreciate you taking the time to comment and reinforcing that most times a good image is not a quick shot.

  7. Hi Lee, thanks so much for stopping by and liking our blog… looks like we might be kindred spirits 🙂 We’re looking forward to following your work.

  8. You have a lovely blog with beautiful images, Flair is a really gorgeous dog, such a beautiful photo.

  9. Just got the 5d mk III myself and also undergoing a Photoshop course – I’ve passed the exams but really need to put into practise. Great idea for the blog, mine came about in similar vein. Came over to say many thanks for the follow on my blog – you are most welcome aboard. Love to receive feedback too, so feel free to comment etc. Don’t mind if I hang around your site for a prod or too 😃. MM 🍀

    • Thank you John for your comment. I have seen you commenting on a number of other blogs I follow and thought it time to check you out 🙂 Liked what I saw and like your philosophy on life too. I may not comment much but I do enjoy what I see.

  10. Thanks for the Follow. I like what you have going here and I am looking forward to seeing more.

    • leecleland said:

      Thank you for commenting, after seeing the shots of your studio I thought you might be ‘too’ professional to be interested in little enthusiasts like me. I really like the Before and After discussions there is a lot to be learnt there.

  11. We would like to feature some of your photographs. Please send me your email address. Thank you. jo@edgeofhumanity.com

  12. I know I’ll enjoy seeing your posted images. But what a coincidence when I discovered that you’ve been involved in a quilting project. My wife Jane Ingram Allen for many years taught fiber arts and has progressed into paper making . While at an artists residency at the Sitka Center on the west coast of Oregon we saw quilt squares on barns. She took that idea to make traditional quilts of paper. Here is the link to that section of her blog site. http://janeingramallen.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/continuing-my-artist-in-residency-at-sitka-center-inspired-by-hex-signs-on-local-barns/

    • leecleland said:

      It is a small world when you get into quilting, I taught for 5 years in a row in USA at conferences for quilters which was great fun. I love what jane did with her paper quilt. The idea of joining the squares together with string/thread lacing is something I toyed with but never completed to my satisfaction. Jane’s method, however looks really good and is practical with a paper quilt. Thank you Tim for the link and the feedback.

  13. I love the name of your blog! and totally understand your kelpie’s impatience waiting around for the “right” photo haha! My fiancé is forever taking photos and I just want to Move!!! haha look forward to seeing more!

  14. Flair is a beauty! Her eyes are great! I have a friend who does quilting and I must say artists who do quilting are impressive! It takes a lot more talent and time than people realize 😀

    • leecleland said:

      Thank you Kersten, Flair is rather gorgeous. I retired from teaching quilting 5 years ago and now find photography all consuming. So much so that I’m gradually getting rid of all my quilting stuff but it was great fun and wonderful way to earn a living for 20 years.

  15. Beautiful eyes only can capture the beauty of everyday life! congrats! I am following u:)

  16. I always, look forward to seeing what new image you will post Lee! Whether its Flair, or flowers, landscapes …. or the latest treasures * flannel flowers – they are all inspiring in their beauty and sensitivity!!

  17. You have good camera. I am using Nikon D750 and it is good one also. I use cheap: Corel PaintShop Pro 2018, which easy to use.

    It is simply good.

    All the best.

    • leecleland said:

      Thanks for commenting Sartenada I appreciate your input.

      • Always it is not the camera, but the lens which make the “best” photos. We visited recently Alpine_Model_Railway_Exhibition. I took photos using my camera and my wife using quit new phone. My phone made better photos. This can be seen / compared on December 5, 2018, when I will publish my posts pf this exhibition. Did You visit my site and found if my inside photos of churches are good?

        Have a good day.

      • leecleland said:

        Yes I did visit but will have to look again as I didn’t see any photos, just writing. Will check the church photos.

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